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View Diary: (updated) Norquist poster to become a billboard in DC (258 comments)

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  •  Great poster but... (none)
    The poster wrongly implies that the conservatives have shrunk government.  Under Bush, the size of the Federal Government has ballooned.
    •  yes and no (none)
      The government has grown under Bush, but the philosophy he claims to express is one of "small government".  Playing the "but Bush isn't really small government" card doesn't do too much good in the long run.  Joe Average needs to realize that small government, simply for the sake of smallness, isn't a good thing.  

      Obviously no one wants a government to be bloated and getting into areas that it shouldn't be in (like, say, the bedroom), but the aftermath of Katrina can be used to seriously damage the "small government == good" meme that's going around.

      •  Government should be as small as it can be (none)
        I'm all for reducing government to its essential components.  The smaller the government, the lower taxes can be.

        However, I have a different view of what is "essential" than the conservatives do.  I'd say universal healthcare is more important than another aircraft carrier, for example.

    •  but which parts (none)
      have ballooned and which parts have shrunk? neocons are certainly not drowning the military in a least until they get home from the war.

      "You better get politics or politics will get you!" - My grandmother

      by ves man on Thu Sep 15, 2005 at 07:27:27 AM PDT

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