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View Diary: (updated) Norquist poster to become a billboard in DC (258 comments)

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  •  Not to be picky (none)
    but being that I was born and raised in DC and live back in the city again, the African American population is only about 60% according to the last census data here.  Also, I think if I remember right it was 91% for Kerry in the final tally.  Doesn't mean that everyone is liberal/progressive, but they definitely vote overwhelmingly Democratic.  Quite a few of my friends who are Republican and live in the District are not even DC residents.  They keep whatever residency they had prior to moving to DC (Texas, North Carolina, Florida, etc), and vote there rather than in DC.  I think that this does need to be publicized in DC, but ALSO in Rethuglican areas.  In DC for the politicos who get trapped in the inside the Beltway mentality, and in other places for the public at large to see what some of the consequences of Rethug policies can be.  Just my opinion...
    •  Thanks for the correction (none)
      That 80% number was stuck in my head from the time I lived in DC, but either I remember incorrectly or heard wrong, both definite possiblites.

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