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  •  How do we batten down the hatches? (4.00)
    I really appreciate the distant early warning diaries about the looming global crises in energy policy. I feel there are some analogies to be made to warnings posted here about global warming giving rise to anticpated increases in catastrophic hurricane damage.

    There are different ways to respond to these climate/weather warnings. Over the long term, we should certainly strive to reduce the severity of greenhouse gas emissions and its consequent impacts on ocean temperatures. But more practically on the short term, we should reduce our vulnerability to storm surges, severe wind events, etc.

    In a similar vein, I am curious about what we can do to avert catastrophes in the US from the future "escalating cataclysmic conflicts over extraction", that you and others are anticipating. I would like to think that with enlightened foreign policy and a new spirit of international cooperation that we could avert participating or instigating these conflicts. But perhaps that is just my muddle-headed liberal cognitive process running amok. Do we have good options for protecting ourselves from the coming storm as nations brutally compete for dwindling energy resources?

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