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  •  Dynamically organized society (4.00)
    Society, as currently constituted, is a rigidly organized entity, with changes in it coming with great difficulty. A major corporation or group weilding power is only brought down at great cost, either political, financial, or in the suffering of people. Look at Microsoft. It's a real inefficiency at this point, but the costs of bringing it down are very, very high. Great political capital was spent in the 90s with almost no return. Same for the ExxonMobil/Shell/GM/etc cartel of big oil/big transportation infrastructure.

    Now, there will always be costs associated with any change, but I think a major component of the coming sea change in thought will be away from statis and toward dynamism. Networks, companies, energy providers will all become smaller, more nodal, more adaptable and nimble to change. There will be certain central nodes (think dKos in the left blogosphere) that are successful because of their adaptability. But the whole will be ever-changing and more responsive to needs and desires.

    You can see this already happening (although this is stretching into diary length here) ... the conservative, rural, often religion-based counter movements to modernity are an outgrowth of a desire for statis and stability. Fear of the unknown. True, right now, the changes are being exploited by major corporations to centralize power, but I think that's a transition stage, a case of the powerful being in the best position to take advantage of the new paradigms. Societally, though, that model will be the biggest loser in the dynamic future.

    At least, that's the optimism ... the pessimism is that the current society is too strong, too rooted in statis to be changed. And, rather than change, it will crack and shatter. Which is bad.

    We'll see. Either way, though, it's up to us to work for the future.

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