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View Diary: Bryan Kennedy: Democratic Challenger to Sensenbrenner (87 comments)

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  •  When John Kerry equivocated (4.00)
    about Iraq funding, he was crucified for it.

    So, Mr. Sensenbrenner, if you would please hold still while we nail you up, thanks.

    Seriously, michelina, one of the reasons we don't win elections is because we're all so bloody intelligent and reasonable and we see things from too many angles and we often give as much air time to our opponent's angle as we give our own.  That's what you're doing here.  You're diluting the message we can send with this vote of Sensenbrenner's.

    Really, do you think Sensenbrenner voted down the aid because he was suddenly concerned for the first time in his life about Republican cronies getting fat contracts, or because he's an insufferable Republican pig who doesn't give a shit about poor people?

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