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View Diary: Bryan Kennedy: Democratic Challenger to Sensenbrenner (87 comments)

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  •  Question for WI locals (none)
    i want Senselessbrenner OUT.  O.  U.  T!

    But that's not going to happen with a candidate who's not willing to to get in there & fight him for it.

    Especially in the West & South.  They like their people tough.  Brains don't count as much (take Delay here in Texas.  Please take him!).

    But you have to be willing to fight.

    Bryan sounds like a great guy & his positions are perfect -- But does he have the fight in him?

    that face is TOO DAMN NICE GUYish!  :-)

    seriously, i don't ask this to slam Bryan & we should work to get Senseless out - i'm just making the point that whatever the candidate, let's make sure they know they have to have backbone.

    enough with the nice guy thing.


    •  A fighter's pug (4.00)
      Don't worry.

      Bryan looks mild, but he gets very wound up and should be popping on the campaign trail.

      Of course Sensenbrenner looks just plain mean.

      •  that's allllll i needed to know! (none)
        thanks!  :-)

        & yeah, senselessbrenner like paris hilton is an heir to a fortune.

        like paris, he's irratating, arrogant & completely worthless expect for that fact.

        &, um, interestingly enough, he's also go a video.

        thank GOD there was no stripping.

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