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View Diary: Bryan Kennedy: Democratic Challenger to Sensenbrenner (87 comments)

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  •  OH-02 Comparison (4.00)
    Well, it's kind of similar to OH-02, in demographics.  Super-Republican/conservative, but with the right kind of candidate, we can challenge, maybe win.  Yes, there's the HUGE difference of running against an entrenched incumbent (Sensenbrenner), as opposed to a newbie candidate with questionable political skills (Jean Schmidt).  But if demographics mean anything, we might have a chance.  Plus, unlike Portman in OH-02, who (to those of us outside Ohio, anyway), didn't seem to make controversial news, Sensenbrenner is making it common practice lately.  

    At the very least, making the GOP spend money here means less money in other, more balanced districts, where the Dems already have decent chances of pick-ups.  And if Kennedy wins?  Mission accomplished.

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