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View Diary: Schwarzenegger Announcing Re-Election Bid Tomorrow in San Diego--Also Hits Disneyland (19 comments)

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  •  Did you happen to catch (none)
    the article on Tuesday that the reason why he is has moved up this announcement to before the special election?  Evidentally, "he was apparently persuaded to move up his timetable by business supporters who have given a lukewarm reception to Schwarzenegger's special election."

    The Alliance will be there too, plans are to get people there by 9:30 so we can "hassle him" before and after the announcement.  Come on come all, bring your Arnold masks and signs, join the nurses, firefighters, cops and teachers.

    •  Sorry should be more specific (none)
      Here are some more details:

      We are planning an event at 9:30 AM tomorrow, and are expecting a couple hundred people there.  But we need more people, so please join us. Arnold is making the announcement at a night club called 4th and B, 345 B St in San Diego. He is supposed to talk about the ballot initiatives and a "special announcement".

      •  Not sure what he is thinking? (none)
        The City of San Diego is pretty strongly Democratic, so why is he meeting in a place where so many Democrats are mobilized?  We are in the midst of getting ready for the Donna Frye election, so people are connected.  It will not be hard to turn out our supporters against him.  

        Are those Wilson people thinking San Diego is still a Republican city?  If so they are SO out of touch.  The county is reliably Republican, but that is changing, too.  Bush may have won the county, but Boxer beat the Republican Senate candiate here.  Or is this message to Assemblywoman Lori Saldana and Governor Grabass thinks she is vulnerable?  In any event, these guys are stooges.

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