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    My boyfriend's from Michigan, moved to MA from Detroit/Ann Arbor in '79 or so.  He's been adapting relatively well, but says he misses Winsor, Canada. : )

    My job might take me to CA for a couple of years -- Berkeley, in fact -- but I would miss the fundamental sanity of MA politics.  Go, Teddy!  Go Kerry!  Go Barney and Marty!

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    by magpie02141 on Thu Sep 15, 2005 at 03:23:30 PM PDT

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      I moved from East Lansing about five years ago, and the thumb area before that.  I definitely miss Michigan, and enjoy visiting whenever I can.  The first thing I notice when I drive in on 69, though, is just how -flat- it is.  

      MI definitely has too many republicans in it, though.  It's weird to think that I used to be one of them, too....  cringe  However, I can claim youth and ignorance, and that I didn't realize that the socially progressive ideas I grew up with didn't really match up with the R party line at all.

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      I'm a lifelong Masshole, and I love our politics, but:  fundamental sanity of MA politics?  That has me chortling.   People who have won elections/primaries in Massachusetts include:

      Mitt Romney
      Paul Cellucci
      John Silber
      Ed King
      Billy Bulger
      Tommy Finneran
      Ray Flynn
      Louise Day Hicks
      Trixie Palladino

      And a rich history:

      Elbridge Gerry (father of the "Gerry-mander")
      The "Rascal King" James Michael Curley

      The list could go on and on (Jack E. Robinson anyone?) but I thought I'd stick with high-profile figures.

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