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  •  And that's my point. (4.00)
    The right-wing coalition is coming apart at the seams.  They can't agree on how to proceed.

    The Democratic coalition came apart long ago, over Vietnam and Civil Rights.  1968.  Its leaders were assassinated.  Since 1968, Democrats have controlled the White House for 12 years out of 37.  They gradually lost control of Congress.

    A similar thing is now happening to the Republicans.  

    As far as I know, Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern, revered by liberals and progressives alike, are still registered Republicans.  And Paul Craig Roberts is unlikely to register Green or Socialist anytime soon.  But Roberts is calling for impeachment of Bush and Cheney, and using rhetoric against them that once was reserved for flag-burners and war protesters.

    The New York Times' article Kos links to above is worth reading.  The Repugs can't decide how much to spend on the Gulf Coast recovery.  The mean-spirited among them are saying "Well, we should limit it, they have to take some responsibility themselves." (As if they weren't!).

    "We know this is a huge bill," said Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona. "We don't want to lay it on future generations."

    McCain is hypocritical here.  He knows as well as anyone that the deficits, the bill to be laid on future generations, is the tax cuts for the rich and the corporations, and the cost of the misbegotten war.  Without these, the country could bail the Gulf Coast out without breaking a sweat, or a budget.  (Remember $200 billion surpluses as far as the eye could see?)

    And while they argue, people die, their farms die, their lives wander aimlessly off course and into the ditch (or the Astrodome).  Bush parks his ass in front of a statue of Andrew Jackson, slave owner and genocidal mainiac, and talks about reconstructing the place, with labor - to be provided by poor displaced black people or poor immigrang brown people, he doesn't care which - paid less than minimum wage, by political cronies.  And his supporters are balking at the bill, to be paid to Haliburton, KBR, et al.

    They're thrashing in the trap. It's time for progressives to go in for the kill.

    If the Club for Growth doesn't like Bush, let's find something to convince them to sit the next couple of election cycles out.  If Paul Craig Roberts doesn't like Bush, let's talk to him.  Let's have some real, deep, long-term political strategy.

    Just as Repugnicants split off white labor with racism and wartime patriotism in the sixties, seventies, and eighties, it's time for progressives to use issues like liberty, future generations, exporting of jobs (capital), the future itself, and the destruction of god's creation, to split off libertarians, parents who care about their children's futures, intellectual conservatives, white labor, and moderate non-Rapturist Christians from the Repugnicant coalition.

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