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  •  Argentina? (4.00)
    In my darker moments since the NOLA storm, I have caught glimpses of the USA as a "third world" country. If, as Bush says, we are to spend the 100's of billions to make the region whole, where will the funds come from? From the sound coming from the republicans, it could come from some pretty important places.

    We are deep in debt, both in terms of domestic spending, and in foreign trade. Will the NOLA reconstruction be "off the books", in the manner of the Iraqi folly? Such expenses cannot be continued without a means to realistically fund rolling back the insane tax cuts.

    I might make it, but I worry about my son and his cohorts, what are we leaving them with? A creaking infrastructure, no reliable healthcare, a lousy educational system, with a debt up to their asses to China. Could NOLA be the excuse to wipe out the middle class?

    Looks a lot like Argentina to me.

    The news happens 3 hours sooner on the "left coast"

    by bleeding blue on Fri Sep 16, 2005 at 10:09:36 PM PDT

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