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  •  As a Pennslyvanian... (none)
    I live in a very, very Republican suburb in PA.  In fact, Toomey's district is next to mine.  I have had to put up with Sen. "man-on-dog" Santorum.  But more disgusting is that the Club for Growth pulled every Swift Boat -esque trick the half-witted  Anti-gov't asses could to get a man (I disagree with but is a man), Sen Spectre out of the General last year.  Would you want an Anti-choice GOPer running the Roberts hearings?
    But my point was, that the club is a leech on the public discourse, but that the draining the advocate (aka the GOP "fiscal policy") is almost as heinous as their stripping away the programs that make America a Great Society.
    They cut funds for New Orleans, we must never let them do it again.
    Its people like Toomey that make PA and the country worse of...

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