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    yes, I guess my point is that it looks like he would also have no moral objection to NOT representing gays, or representing the other side. If he had been asked the question the other way, the answer would have been similar. All of his issues have been dependent on who he worked for and what side he was supposed to represent. So, it just tells us nothing.

    On this line, as a very ultra lay person, if you will argue either side, wouldn't you be using ideology rather than the rule of law to make your argument. It seems to me that if you were strictly using only your interpretation of the law, one side would be correct and the other would not.

    It looks to me like all of Roberts work has been based on ideology.

    "He's done a hell of a job, because I'm not aware of any Arabian horses being killed in this storm." Kate Hale re FEMA Dir. Mike Brown.

    by OLinda on Sat Sep 17, 2005 at 09:35:57 AM PDT

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