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  •  Like that tagline, eh? :-) (none)
    Getting the party to break out includes kicking out the dead (Dem and Repub) wood that keeps getting thrown back on waves of horrendous Bush policy to thwack us in the head.

    Case in point would be senators like Mary Landrieu, who vote for every baddest of the BAD Bush policy (and Owens, Gonzalez!) that come down the pike. I get stopped in my tracks trying to sell this party as the party of the people every time by traitors like her.

    Wonder how those hundreds of thousands of Katrina victims in Louisiana feel about being hit again and again, on top of the hit they took from nature, by their own senator voting YES on Bush's tax cuts and the bankruptcy bill. Apparently, the 9th Ward and other needy parishes cannot compete with her corporate friends and preferences. And she is in line to help the GOP and hurt the have nots with the Estate Tax REPEAL too. Because she can always be counted on to perform like a GOPper where it REALLY counts. (Iraq war res, medicare, ANWR drilling all get AYES from Mary, too.)

    Landrieu will be a YES for Roberts as well. Mark my words.

    But this thread isnt really about Roberts or Landrieu, its about Bloomberg, isnt it?

    Bloomberg's tenure has seen a rise in poverty in NYC that tops the national average, already risen by 9% under Bush,

    Check this out

    Poverty RISES in NYC ... A LOT! Obscene GAP btw Haves and Have-Nots

    but who would know it when skipping thru prettified, pricey Manhattan? When scanning Real Estate sections of the paper, who would know? Want a dinky one bedroom apt? Got 2000 bucks a month for starters? And if it is 2000 bucks a month, you no longer qualify for rent stablization, ie, your landLORD can raise your rent to whatever he/she damn well pleases in a year or two. If you come in a few hundred or so below that, in a matter of a few years of stabalization increases, you will soon clear that godawful $2000 cap and be in that unprotected zone yourself. I dare anyone who dreams of living in this city on a lower or middle class income to check out the Real Estate ads without popping some Valiums first, or moving to the as-of-yet ungentrified outpost neighborhoods in the other boros. Hurry up! Soon the whole city will be like that nice park in Grammercy square ... off limits to all but its wealthy residents, who literally have a key to the garden gates. The rest of us just get to stare at the pretty greenery thru the bars.

    And Mayor Bloomberg says and does WHAT about this? About the statistics in the link I gave which occurred under his tenure?

    (the sound of crickets in NYC ... Yes, we do have some, and you can hear them ... when it is really, REALLY quiet.)

    Should a liberal Dem blog be driven into "safe zones" by a tame party, or should it drive a tame party to break out?

    by NYCee on Sat Sep 17, 2005 at 11:23:20 AM PDT

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