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View Diary: Bush's lies go mainstream (170 comments)

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  •  about time? (4.00)
    about time for 42-54 approve/disapprove?  no, sorry, how bush ever got beyond a 5% approval rating is utterly beyond me.  i might disagree with republicans like weld or mccain, but i can at least see arguments for them.  unless he's running for president of his local frat, i fail to see one for bush.

    he was crap at business, he was crap at military service and he was great for his own personal gain.  pretty much the exact opposite of what you want for public service.

    •  because (none)
      It's because republicans and conservatives are all of the same mind.  they don't have to think about policy positions because they are written and handed to them.  Bush didn't decide to run, the GOP picked him.  

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