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  •  Spending warchest (none)
    Actually, they have.

    They've spent about $35 million so far, most on putting together a "grassroots" network through which they can propagate right wing trash (this will be the venue where they push anti-gay marriage, not on TV).

    •  so it begins (none)
      thanks for the update on the spending emptywheels.

      any cites on that?

      •  Not right now (none)
        There were some mainstream stories on how much he had raised and spent (check Wapo and NYT). And there were two articles detailing the "grassroots" effort that Ralph Reed is putting together, starting in Florida.

        Sorry I can't find the leaks, I'm trying to get some work done. 8-(

    •  you have to spend money to make money (none)
      i believe there's another component, which is that the campaign has to spend money on its own fundraising activities.  we like to bash bush for getting a free ride on AF1 and all, but actually the campaign has to reimburse the government for the price of a first class ticket, IIRC.  and obviously they have to book the hall and the rest of it.  not sure who picks up the tab for security - i was protesting bush when he came to CT the other week, and they totally shut down I-95 and the boston post road for the motorcade.  pretty impressive, but i was wondering if the local PD was picking up the tab.

      also, recall that dean went through $40MM as of NH.  not on just two states, it turned out that trippi had spent 30 in 2003.  so basically he spent $30MM to make $45MM, which isn't too bad if you're a business.

      these candidates go to eleven

      by zeke L on Mon Feb 09, 2004 at 11:49:24 PM PST

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      •  Security (none)
        I think the location has to pay the security.

        There's still a stink about the security cost of a Bush event in Redmond (or somewhere in the rich burbs of Seattle).

        And the reason the woman gave for not having Bush campaign for her in the KY-6 election is that it would cost too much for security, possibly in the hundreds of thousands.

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