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  •  Election will NOT be a Squeaker, because ... (4.00)
    BUSH is KILLing himSELF

    The race should be exciting between Bush and Kerry for the obvious reasons (or Bush and Candidate X, my X being Dean). However it has become increasingly apparent to me that Bush is not going to provide the thrilling chills that analysts predict of a close race, a squeaker.

    I mean, did anyone watch the TRIFECTA of Bush Bads on TV yesterday?

    1. Truly pitiful, pathetic interview with Russert
    2. 60 Minutes segment about the Christian Fundamentalists who believe in Rapture. (No, not the Blondie song ... ) This was multi-scary, zeroed in on TEXAS and had bits on Bush and Delay as being part of the crazed cult.
    3. 60 Minutes again, last segment being the horrid mutilating/death price being paid by soldiers and civilians in Iraq.
    Yes, his mindboggled BASE will stick with him, as they are stuck by the same Krazy Glue. Nuts of a shell. Birds of a feather. But them birds are gonna fall from the sky like in Asia ... them nuts gonna get cracked and eaten for lunch.

    BECAUSE ...

     ...watching this Sunday alone clinched more losses for him. For sure. I mean, THAT was the BEST they could DO?  He's got more trouble ahead and trouble behind as we've seen from his incredibly shrinking favorables. Many are starting to seriously doubt that there is a man with a shred of sanity in the Oval Office.

    Those losses for Bush will be mostly from the nonBase, mushy middle -- Bush voters who thought Bush was innocuous enough as a campaigner, and then still ok enough pre 911, and then protective & superduper post 911, and then gradually worse and weaker and worse and weaker (deficit, job losses, misleading us into Iraq, loss of world's support, medicare bamboozle ....  on and on and on ... )

    Now add in a chunk off the crumbling edge of the base, those non EndTimers --  the po'd, disaffected ones who HATE Bush's spending /deficits and/or those who hate his stupid war/neoCon playbook (Paleo's/Libertarians like Buchanan, McLaughlin, CATO dudes and dudettes)

    Add to that the woken up MEDIA WHORES who are now talking AWOL, with more negative bits to come now that there's blood in the water ...

    It aint gonna be a squeaker, for all of the above reasons.  

    And THAT, timid, freaked out ABBers who liked Dean but switched due to ABB-->>Media/Dem Establishment brainwashing, is why you should have stuck with Dean. (I mean those who left him for Kerry/Edwards/Clark just because they thought they were more electable. For those who really prefer those others, minus the brainwashing, this rant is not for you).

    Dean would get not only get those volatile "center" sorts who are and will be running from Bush now that theyve woken up to what a NUT he is, but also, more of that chunk off the ole Nader block (that non special interest draw is powerful) AND he will get that chip off the ole base block -- those who would have a very difficult, often impossible time voting for a traditional Dem. They have spent their entire voting lives being imprinted against such people and they have KERRY stamped on their brain in NO-CAN-GO territory.

    Anyway, that's my little thwack along with my case for sticking with Dean.

    As for Kerry v Bush, again, it wont be a hair rasing, edge of seat ride as many are saying. Despite my arguments for Dean, Kerry will WIN with a margin of cushion, because Bush, I repeat, is doing all the losing for himself, and no one, not Rove, not Arnold, not Giuliani, will be able to save him.


    •  Well, I wouldn't bet my mortgage ... (none)
      ...on this.

      Personally, I hope the polls stay squeaky close right up to the last minute so that everybody who is even thinking of staying at home or voting for a third candidate (in states that matter) will reconsider and mark the X, clear the chad, pull the lever or touch the screen for the Democrat.

      Then, if it turns out you're right, so much the better.

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