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  •  Kevin Phillips on NPR (none)
    Admittedly Phillips has a new book out discussing the history of the Bush Crime Family. He also admits to having lost faith in the Reublican party when they adopted huge deficit spending under Reagan.

    But jeez did he ever slam it to that lying chimp this corning on Bob Edwards. I gotta go buy his book now . Damn.

    •  Phillips is one of the most credible ... (4.00)
      ...turncoats in modern history and a big, big thorn in the GOP side. He knows the thinking of rightwingers, and he hates it. He knows the hypocrisy of the tax-shifters, and he hates it. He's been busting their chops for 20 years, and I love it.
    •  Kevin's book (none)
      I'm reading it right now. Be prepared to hear the whole Bush family story, it's not pretty and for the most part it's not even interesting. Nevertheless, Phillips has made it clear he has done his homework and this could be a very important book this year just for that fact alone.
    •  Phillips (none)
      Kevin Phillips just added fair balance to the usual Cokie Roberts suck-up to Bush.  Her morning segment included her opinion that Bush had "made his case" regarding the war when questioned by Tim Russert.

      George W. Bush: 0 for 2 in 04

      by VA6thDem on Mon Feb 09, 2004 at 05:00:49 PM PST

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    •  It's a good book (none)
      and I was so glad that a friend's son and fiancee asked to borrow it the other day.

      However, since it is devoid of any new facts and none of the facts are all that hard to come by, it's not a bombshell.  Now if he had been able to document the 1980 "October Surprise" or something about GWB, then the country might be listening.

      Also, Phillips remains a Nixon/Ford/Reagan guy.  It's nice when people like this speak up as it is when occasionally orgs like the CIA suggest that the "right" is wrong, but they are ultimately only critics of certain current affairs and do not do the work of the opposition which is to advance our agenda.  One thing many DEMs seem to have overlooked in the past few years is how effectively the GOP has planted the notion that DEMs have no new ideas -- they merely rely on worn, tired out and failed policies.  In that way they have set up the dynamic as between something and nothing.  They know that someone like GWB could become so odious that "nothing" could beat him.  But that is only one election and in the longer term they will still be winning the debate.

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