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  •  Selma (none)
    Kinda Ironic. Beford forrest and Selma - or maybe it isnt ironic at all.
    •  I'm not following you... (none)
      ... you are referencing the battle of Selma, April 2, 1865?

      Oh... I think I see. I just googled Forrest and scanned a quick short bio.

      "Joining the Ku Klux Klan shortly after the war, he was apparently one of its early leaders."

      ... and Selma. Guess he got defeated there twice.

      •  yeah (none)
        Forrest besides being one of the most capable cavalry folks in the war was also a leader of the early Klan - in and around Selma - where this posters relative fought him i guess at the end of the war. And of course Selma has significant civil rights history.

        You often hear folks sing the praises of Bedford Forrest and his abilities - and this has always made me a little uneasy considering his actions after the war - Shelby Foote was a mainstream writer to do this i thought. I find him a particularly difficult man to admire (forrest that is).

        •  My great-great-grandfather (none)
          fought Forrest in Selma... and my Dad made three trips to Jackson, Mississippi in the early sixties. He wasn't at the second battle of Selma though.

          Damn. Maybe that means I'm suppossed to go to Louisiana.

          •  quite a man (4.00)
            your great great grand father sounds like quite a man to be proud of.
            •  Yeah... (none)
              funny thing about genealogy... you learn all this great stuff and get impressed by what various people did... get a real feel of family... yet you don't get to sit down with them and talk and get to know them. Kinda stinks in that way. If you are lucky enough to get a lot of info on them you can get a feel for them but that is as far as it gets.

              Probably the most telling thing about the quality of the man though is that my father has shared with me that he has the fondest memories of his grandmother, "Grannybird," and loved her dearly. She was Sampson's daughter. Dad doesn't get gushy and mushy easily but you can see it clearly anytime her name or photo comes up.

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