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  •  NBC is setting up a NOLA office. Brian Williams (4.00)
    and others have been doing a great job along with Anderson Cooper.
    •  send it to him, too. (none)
      Anyone send this info to Brian Williams? Does he allow feedback on his blog? MSNBC crashes my browsers all the time. I honestly think this should be sent to Shep Smith on Fox, too. Fox crashed my computer too. Maybe it couldn't stand being up at the same time as DKOS.
    •  Yeah but... (none)
      The MSM Big Daddy's aren't too happy about all the tender loving care some reporters have displayed and are reining them in now.  The Bushie's don't like all the warm fuzzies the Cooper's, Gregory's and William's are producing.  Read this:

      •  Rove's longknives were out this morning on CSPAN (4.00)
        Washington Journal during the first hour call-in segment, excoriating  the BBC and CNN's  and some of the other 'mutinous" US broadcast media for their recent surprizingly frank tell-it-like-it-is dead-bodies-and-missing-chidren  coverage of the Katrina disaster.

        Not good for Bush's image. There will be hell to pay once the Bushies get a clamp on all these uppity traitorous news people.

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