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  •  Off the Bogalusa topic (4.00)
    but ABC, including our local affiliate, has been licking up the Bush "apology" as if it was real. They're been running the headline "Bush takes responsibility" ignoring the fact that he blaimed it on "all levels" of government, limited his own culpability to "the extent to which federal gov't didn't do it's job" and never addressed the two biggest disaster factors aside from the Hurricane itself.

    1. Bush cut funding for levee maintenance.

    2. He gutted FEMA and staffed it, like all his other appointments, with people whose only qualification is loyalty to the Republican party over and above loyalty to the American people and our Constitution.

    Okay, all of you know that. But ABC is just making me sick. Good Morning America is insidious propaganda. Covering just enough news so as not to lose it's soothing "everything is good in America" tone.

    Ted Koppel might be an exception. I think I heard him asking some tough questions.

    •  ABC network news... (none)
      Since Peter Jennings died, ABC is becoming Fox News Network Lite, at least as far as its network news goes. It has been my prediction for a while that George Stephanopoulos will be fired soon, as will John Stossel. Stephanopolos is, of course, a Clinton Democrat; and John Stossel is the wrong kind of conservative (a real one, not a NeoCon) for the New Order at ABC.

      Expect Bob Novak to take over This Week when Stephanopolos gets the Golden Shove. I hear he's suddenly "at liberty" after the incident at CNN.

      Spread the memes: USA is a Failed State. We have no President.

      by MamasGun on Sun Sep 18, 2005 at 10:04:10 AM PDT

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