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  •  Where does the money go? (none)

    Can anyone quote a Red Cross official who has given a straight answer to the question:  Does all the money go to disaster victims?"  I have seen them interviewed and concluded they are master dissemblers.
    •  numbers as of yesterday... (none)
      can be found here:

      September 17, 2005 - The American Red Cross is responding to an unprecedented natural catastrophe and devoting every resource to this humanitarian relief effort. The American people can be confident the Red Cross will spare no effort to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of Hurricane Katrina survivors.

      Situation Updates: This disaster relief operation is constantly changing. All numbers are approximate.  Please note the date of last update when using facts or numbers in news stories.

      Sheltering Operations-
      Since Hurricane Katrina made landfall, the Red Cross has provided more than 2.2 million overnight stays in 902 shelters across 26 states and the District of Columbia. On Friday night, the Red Cross housed more than 49,000 Hurricane Katrina survivors in 250 shelters.

      Relief Workers-More than 129,000 Red Cross workers from all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have responded to Katrina. During this effort, the Red Cross has trained an additional 74,000 people in specialized disaster relief skills.

      Feeding Operations-The Red Cross, in coordination with the Southern Baptist Convention, has served nearly 9.8 million hot meals and more than 7.5 million snacks to survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

      Financial Assistance-The American Red Cross is expanding the variety of its efforts to provide financial assistance to upwards of three quarters of a million Hurricane Katrina victims who are dispersed across the nation. Assistance is provided in a variety of ways, including client assistance cards, vouchers, checks and cash. This program has reached more than 255,000 families to date.

      Survivors can register for emergency financial assistance, 24 hours a day, by calling toll-free 1-800-975-7585. Due to the large number of survivors, phone lines may be overwhelmed.

      Reuniting Families-Persons looking for loved ones can call 1-877-LOVED 1S (1-877-568-3317),
      or go to and click on "Family Links Registry" to:

      Register yourself
      Register a loved one, or
      View the existing list of registrants

      Family Links Registrants-More than 201,000 have been registered online.

      Health & Preventative Care-Visit or for information about health strategies and preventative measures for those in affected areas.

      Disaster Mental Health-To date, almost 238,000 people have received Red Cross Disaster Mental Health services.

      •  Meta site for Missing/Found Persons (none)

        The problem is that there are dozens of sites for listing people affected by Katrina. If the person you are looking for registered on site A and you search on site B, you won't find them. A bunch of programmers puts together a site that combines information from many of the databases (as well as hand entered non-structured information posted on forums) It is found a ; however, another entry point with a much better summary is (this page also has shelterfinder). The have over half a million people listed. Apparently the data from katrina safe isn't exported to this project but katrinasafe will be importing data from this project.

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