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  •  Blessings on your work (4.00)
    I volunteered the day Katrina hit, but have never been called, despite several years' experience with DSHR. But we've got 8000 Katrina heroes (NOT victims, NOT refugees) in town, and I've been doing casework for them. After you get to LA, please tell us why the LA RC cannot handle disbursements. That has actually been one of the problems here, but we kept improvising. One day we'd hand out DOs (vouchers), one day checks, one day debit cards, several days of "Your check/card will be here tomorrow." I'm ready to settle for suitcases full of small, unmarked bills. It seems the banks weren't ready for, "We need 200,000 debit cards. When? Right now."
    •  sounds like I'm going to Montgomery (none)
      AL, on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I should get info on travel arrangements tomorrow.

      I will ask if debit cards are an issue and what the reason for that is.  We were told in training that disbursements would be via debit cards...  

      >> Blessings on your work

      Back atcha.  :)

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