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  •  Vouchers (none)
    Meant to comment on this too. I recently took a bag of clothing to the local Goodwill, where the lady told me to take it over to the larger Red Cross shelter instead. She said they're giving people vouchers for clothing at Goodwill, but they're only allowing them two items of clothing--just two items!--per person. She was concerned that these people had only the clothes on their backs and now were only being provided with basically one change of clothing (shirt and pants, or whatever, constitutes two items). So she told me that if I took the clothes directly there, the people could take more of them.

    At the church, the Red Cross people running the shelter said they didn't have much room to store or manpower to sort used clothes, but they did have several bags of them up on the stage of the auditorium housing the people. And since I mostly had shorts and summer tops, she told me to go ahead and leave them, and the evacuees could browse through them.

    Seems like this voucher system isn't doing people a heck of a lot of good, if they're only allowing two items of clothing per person.

    •  actually in training they distingush between (none)
      the immediate items provided (in the first day or so)--which would include an initial change of clothing, hygiene items, etc. and longer term relief.

      For long term, the last I heard, it was going to be a debit card with a certain amount of cash per family member.  It can be used to buy clothing and other needed supplies.  At the time the evacuee is able to move out of the shelter into an apartment or house, he may be given more to buy household items like sheets and towels.  

      It sounds like from what you say that each shelter may have different procedures and needs...I suppose if the storage space is available at the local site then they'll (hopefully) make good use of it.

      Just found out that I won't actually be at a shelter in Montgomery, but moved around as new shelters are opened and closed in MS and LA.  If I get the chance to get online I'll comment more about what is actually provided.    

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