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View Diary: CNN + DeLay + MSNBC + Iraq Contracts + Disney + Rednecks = Profit! (189 comments)

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  •  greed isn't the problem (none)
    greed is to be expected, that is part of what makes a free market work.  what we need to do is to make sure the framework is fair and productive.  

    we should change the laws such that it is in the self interest of the news corps to create good news.

    •  I don't see how you make the news media... (none)
      ..become objective through regulation.  I think that ship has sailed.  Yes, you can make them put on a token progressive like Alan Colmes, but how to do you ensure that HE isn't bought and paid for?  Seems like this is something that can't be effectively policed.

      No, for me the answer is, we need our own voice.

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