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View Diary: CNN + DeLay + MSNBC + Iraq Contracts + Disney + Rednecks = Profit! (189 comments)

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  •  Should be top page every day (none)
    This story should never leave the top page of every website and blog around.  This information needs to be disseminated to everyone in America.  Every single last American needs to know about these conflicts of interest.

    A nice one page printout that would act as a flyer would be wonderful to hand out.. leave laying on the break room table at work, etc.

    It's amazed me that this information has taken so long to become even a mildly serious enough topic to talk about on DKos.  I mean, we can talk about who's running for senate in some obscure district, and how they're showing 30% to 55% against their opponent, or we can talk about shit that matters.

    We live in Orwellian times people.  The truth is irrelevant.  In fact, it might not just be Orwellian, it may be fascist, as in pseudo/quasi fascist, like talked about on Orcinus' site.

    The corps rule the country.  Fuck the people.

    I don't have it handy but look inside 1984 and find the book within the book that is in there.  It rings frighteningly true.

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