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View Diary: Official: Oil 'like a girlfriend' - leave her before she leaves you (196 comments)

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  •  You prove my theory (none)
    (If in fact your prognosis negative subject line is a Seinfeld reference) that in virtually any situation a Seinfeld analogy or quote can be applied.
    •  "It's not you it's me" (none)
      Seinfeld covered many situations, but the break up scenes were classic.  

      "It's not you Miss Oil, it's me, I just can't stop myself from gorging on your cheap charms."

      I just wish someone would burst "Bubble-Boy" Bush's bubble.  Argue with the Bushite scum and maybe he'll just do it himself in a fit of rage!

      •  Forget Bush (none)
        Seriously. There's not a chance in hell that Bush will respond to the problem intelligently. His solution was to invade Iraq. We need to find some other way to get the message across. I don't know yet what that method should be; I just know it ain't Bush.
        •  Are you kidding me? (none)
          Most of the administration has huge ties to the oil industry.  The bozo in charge ain't gonna do a thing to change a thing.  We've seen where the "transportation" money is going.....same old, same old, with barely a token bone thrown to alternate energy.  It's sickening.

          If we had listened to Carter 30 years ago, how far along could we be with alternate energy right now?  We wouldn't even need to care wtf happens in the Middle East.  

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