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  •  impossible? (4.00)

    "An ultimate aim is the perfect solar cell that can convert light into electricity," at a much higher rate of efficiency than conventional solar cells, said Prof. Kris Kempa (Physics), a lead author of an article describing the invention in the Sept. 27 issue of Applied Physics Letters.

    A conventional solar cell used in solar heating units is, at most, only about 30 percent efficient at converting light to electricity, and even at that rate, is quite expensive, researchers said.
    They envision the antenna of carbon nanotubes, microscopic structures built of carbon atoms, converting light to energy at possibly 80-percent efficiency at a much lower cost"

    we need "the vision thing" now.
     Imagine a fraction of all the wasted Bushdoggle (take your pick) tax dollars invested intelligently into the future....A "Green" American President could literally change the world.

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