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View Diary: Official: Oil 'like a girlfriend' - leave her before she leaves you (196 comments)

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  •  WTF? (none)
    we don't have to exert the energy to create it (oil), just enough to aquire it Now if we could find canisters of barrelled oil in nature just waiting to be mined, we'd be set.
    •  You missed the point... (none)
      Barreling oil has nothing to do with our ability to use it as a source. Now, you could have said "canisters of refined petroleum products", but that still would still be wrong. The only energy potential compressed air has is what you put into it (minus a small loss from heat), so if you use 100 units of energy to create compressed air, when it decompresses it will return maybe 98 units of energy. A net loss, in other words.

      With oil on the other hand, if we invest 100 units of energy for mining, refining, and transportation we end up with gasoline and other fuels that produce maybe 500 units of energy. A net increase in available energy.

      Now where did that extra energy come from? It didn't appear out of nowhere, the energy was originally solar energy captured by ancient plants. The key is that the production of the oil has already been done, so we basically get it for free.

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