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  •  In Michigan (4.00)
    last fall, Proposal 2 was on the ballot.  It was a not-very-clear amendment to the state constitution which essentially made man-woman marriage the only possible marriage in Michigan according to the state consitution.  

    At the state Dem convention, there was a move by progressive Democrats to write into our platform that the Dem party encouraged its members to vote against it.  It was very close to passing until the state chair said he had spoken to some of our "allies" running the "Defeat Proposal 2" campaign and said they didn't support the move to encourage people to vote no.  So the Dem party decided to encourage Democrats to "educate themselves" on same sex marriage.  Lame-o.

    It was a cop out.  Now the talibangelicals are trying to take away health benefits given by the state (which means cities, school districs, and Michigan State and University of Michigan), and the ACLU has sued the state for clarifcation.  

    Our governor?  After a laughable silence in the runup to the election, after sending a feckless employee to the post-election state convention to talk to the GLBT caucus in early 2005, and after saying she supports "family values" and the 10 Commandments in the Statehouse,  Democrat Jennifer Granholm is up for reelection and is asking the GLBT Community for money.  

    Why does she want our money?  She's done NOTHING for us.  Forget that she's appointed a few gay judges.  Seriously.  Forget that.  That's not going to help my godson when he loses his health benefits because he's got 2 mommies.  And she was largely silent.

    She says it's because John Kerry told state parties to remain silent and not to push it.  That's a bunch of bull.
    If the Kerry campaign did that, then shame on them.

    I want Democrats to stand up and say that it's not about writing religion into the constitution.  It's about treating people fairly.  It's about making sure the other members of our American Community are treated well and treated fairly.

    But they dithered.  And now they want my money?  

    Bush isn't a liar. He's got a gift for fiction.

    by Matt in AA on Mon Sep 19, 2005 at 08:31:07 PM PDT

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