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  •  The numbers for his district... (none)
    suggest that it's very conservative, as districts represented by a Democrat go.  Taylor's constituents voted for Bush over Kerry by 68% to 31%, and for Bush over Gore by 65% to 33%.  The question isn't whether we've run out of pro-choice Democrats, but whether we've run out of pro-choice Democrats who could win in a district like that.

    True, there does seem to be at least one such Democrat in the entire country: Chet Edwards pulled off a win in a 70-30 Bush-Kerry, 68-32 Bush-Gore district (albeit one in Texas that we'd expect to have an extra pro-Bush skew beyond its basic ideological alignment) while voting against even the "partial-birth abortion" ban.  So it's not completely impossible.  But as far as being disturbed about the rise of antichoice Democrats, it seems to me that there are much bluer districts and states to focus on where the voters would be a lot more receptive to a pro-choice representative.  (In the interest of full disclosure, I'll admit that I still disagree with those who would purge someone like Casey Jr. or Reid from the party, but the argument makes more sense to me as to Democrats like them than it does with respect to someone representing a constituency like Taylor's.)

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