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  •  A big tent for Democrats (none)
    I agree that Democrats must have a big tent if there is any hope of becoming a majority again. As a conservative on many social issues and a populist on economic matters, Gene Taylor is my favorite Congressman. On a regular basis, I am told to leave the Democratic Party because of my social views even though I hold solidly labor Democratic views on economic issues.

    It would be insane to run someone like Gene Taylor in a very blue state or Congressional district, but it definitely makes sense to have conservative Democrats running in states and districts that are solidly red. There are some states and districts were no candidate who isn't pro-life, pro-traditional family and pro-gun rights can possibly win.

    I am a Democrat because of a strong belief in an activist role by government and the need for a social safety net. I believe that government must regulate the greed of the marketplace at times in order to protect workers and consumers. Democrats should be united on economic populism and looking out for the interests of working people. Social issues should not define the core values of the Democratic Party.

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