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  •  show of power (4.00)
    I wonder if the ability to achieve utter nonsense is not an ultimate show of power.

    Say that you recommend a very competent and talented person for a post with very high responsibility and the person gets the job?  What does it tell about the level of your influence?  Something, but not much.  But suppose that you recommend a total idiot, nincompoop who is not even a higly ranked hack, say,  someone who was responsible for Bush being elected in a state in which he would have to ravish a local maiden to be rejected by the electorate (or a boy anywhere)?  And that this idiot gets a job?  It will be clear to anyone paying attention that you belong to select few people who actually run the country.

    Similarly, getting a nonsense of that magnitude enacted -- both in the amount of money, but also the lack of any pretence of making sense -- proves the mana of the politician.

    If I were a Senator, I would like Federal Government to fund a mile-high piramide dedicated to the memory of Jane Austen.  People would grumble about nonsense and insensibility, but such carping would merely accentuate my glory.

    •  If there was no status consciousness (none)
      there would be no Hummer ads on TV.

        Doesn't it seem odd that ads which appeal to only a very small percentage of the nation - those who can afford a Hummer, insurance, etc. - are themselves about status and financial achievement.  Usually those ads are considered just bait-and-switch mechanisms to get people into the the dealership.

        However, there's something more insulting and insidious at play: every inclusionary gambit has a exclusionary backside. Advertising is a mechanism in and of itself: it is saying everything is OK and will continue to be OK into the future and one day one you poor suckers watching those gleaming expensive machines might be able to legally buy one, too. The advertising itself is the hypnotic element keeping the masses quiet and complacent for the moment. Rove's psy-ops and big time advertising are no different in process.

      It's hard to teach a man who is afraid. - Worm

      by walkshills on Mon Sep 19, 2005 at 05:24:17 PM PDT

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