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  •  nader voter? (none)
    Truly, language doesn't matter a whole lot compared to power. But the entire point of a certain kind of "progressive" politics is to substitute narcisism for effective action.
    •  No Nader voter here (4.00)
      And you won't get any argument from me on the fact that power is important.  I'm not sure why you're accusing me of narcissism.  But I do believe that when we use language that equates courage with balls (I'm male btw), we undermine strong women leaders.  This has two negative consequences:
      1. Obviously, people find it harder to vote for women leaders.
      2. Women leaders find that they must take more hawkish positions because of the implicit, subconscious belief that "they don't have ball [courage]," so they overcompensate.  Examples: Queen Elizabeth I, Empress Catherine, Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, and (I know this will score me points at DKos) Hillary Rodham Clinton herself.  All strong women leaders forced to take excessively hawkish positions.  Equating testicles with courage doesn't help this.
      •  Nah (none)
        Thatcher wasn't overcompensating for anything - she was just a pig. Words do have meaning and the prissy language of middle-class "progressives" does more to sharpen class differences than to correct politically incorrect thinking. No?
        •  Maggie (4.00)
          We'll have to disagree on your characterization of Thatcher as a pig.  And I have to believe that we can use language that neither alienates lower economic classes nor disqualifies a whole class of humans from leadership positions.  Or, we don't have to equate courage with balls to bridge the language gap between middle- and lower-class people.
          •  Speak the vernacular (none)
            You don't have to talk as crudely as others do, but to many Americans your response means either or both "shutup crass peasant"/"I'm a pompous twit". Maybe you think that you mean "we shouldn't use crude gender stereotypes", but, like you say, words have meaning and "PC talk" has a meaning that may be quite different from what you think you intend.

             And power is more important than language. Controlling how people speak is a means of exercising power.

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