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View Diary: Dems kill sham Katrina probe (122 comments)

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  •  For doing their jobs? (none)
    Credit my ass. Our Democratic leaders have got a long, long, long way to go. Do they need credit from kos to do their jobs? There's no pardoning any of the lockstep Republicans, goes without saying. Still, we're so timid that we praise our guys, excessively it seems, for showing up. "Showing up" is a slackers standard. It's getting to the point where everyone's a hero for showing up. We praise our slackers in Congress for doing so little. This week or next, how many Senators will vote to confirm Roberts? When will even the "radical" authors of the blogosphere develope some spine and start calling the Republican bootlickers in our own party out for what they are: slackers, cowards, and frauds. How will Democratic leaders ever rise to standards that the even the faithful fail to recognize any more?

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