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  •  muchas gracias (none)
    Very much recommended.  I think I might need to make a trip to the store to get some of this stuff... after I get over the hefty price I spent on dental care and healthcare this week (several thou... enough to make me want to move to the UK)
    •  Don't do it (none)
      I've lived there with national health.  Health care is free and it's worth every cent you take from your pocket.

      However, the private health care is pretty good.

      For instance, for my wife to get a scan for an ulcer in 1991:

      National Health:  7 weeks
      Private Health: 2 days

      To elaborate:

      After waiting 3 weeks for a national health appointment, we received a letter specifying a date four weeks in the future - total 7 weeks.  Needless to say, I was not pleased.  Since I also had private coverage, I contacted Clemantine Churchill Hospital (outside London), they saw my wife the next day and did the test the following day.  7 weeks vs 2 days.

      Also I used to live in New Hampshire.  I had Canadian friends who didn't want US citizenship, but didn't plan to go back to Canada either.   Their reason, "National Health care can kill you".

      It may have cost you here, but you still had teeth when you were treated.

      •  not to threadjack but (none)
        bitvector, here in the rural United States, even though I have good insurance and am prepared to pay cash, any time I can get a doctor's appointment within 7 weeks (unless I am actively convulsing in said doctor's waiting room) is a success.

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