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  •  Use trigger locks. (4.00)
    Buy a trigger lock and actually use it. They work very, very well. I have never heard of someone being injured by a firearm that had a trigger lock on it. If you are especially worried, skip the handgun (I don't own one either). A long gun (shotgun or rifle) is damn near impossible for a small person to point at his or herself. My shotgun is definitely taller than my daughter is.

    Store the ammunition in another room in a seperate, locked container. Honestly, look over the stats for children accidentally injured by firearms at home. The vast majority of them come upon a loaded handgun that was put in a drawer or something and had no lock on it of any kind. I'm more worried about my daughter playing with my power tools. A circular saw is far, far more dangerous to a small child than a trigger-locked and unloaded rifle.

    Dog defense is good to have. But if someone came into your house with bad intentions (which is admittedly an extremely rare situation) then he might just shoot the dog.

    A dog doesn't do you much good from a survival standpoint. Unless maybe it looks really, really mean. Bad people with guns know that they can just shoot the dog. The dog cannot shoot back. But if they see that you have a gun, then they have to assume that you are going to shoot back and they will at least be badly injured even if they can ultimately kill you. So they move along. One good guy who is obviously carrying a gun will be avoided even by 5 bad guys who are all carrying guns. There's just not enough to gain in return for the risk.

    The dog is probably not going to know how to bring home food from the woods when you haven't eaten in 5 days and haven't heard from FEMA yet. The gun could get you some meat if you point it well. Sure, you thinking that you don't hunt and have no intention of trying it. But when your kids are hungry and there's no other option you'll change your mind.

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