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  •  Better still (none)

    Better still, twelve doses of oxycodone or some other moderate strength opiate pain-killer. I've been in enough pain enough times to know that operating under the influence of a pain-killer is preferable to operating under the influence of severe pain, drowsiness and slight loopiness notwithstanding. Used responsibly, it's less dangerous than most of the other things in your emergency kit. (Knives, gasoline, butane, canned beans...)

    Even more important, antibiotics. A variety, if possible; otherwise, a drug with good broad-spectrum action. It's not necessarily obvious when you need it, and I am ordinarily against people taking antibiotics when they don't need them, but in an emergency, trying not to foster antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria takes a far back seat to not dying.

    Unfortunately, keeping either of these when you haven't been prescribed them is quite illegal, and unless you're connected to the black market or willing to take a trip to Mexico (or Canada for the codeine), you probably don't have the ability to get these. If you do, though, they're a very good addition to the medical kit, and also (especially antibiotics) an excellent trade item.


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