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  •  People should buy cans of condensed soup (none)
    instead of dehydrated food. Cans of soup are cheaper and they'll also keep a few years.
    •  Disagree on the 'condensed' part (none)
      For shelf-stable foods, I strongly recommend fully-constituted soup and stew products.  Keep in mind that in many situations, fresh water will be a scarce commodity.  You do not want to have your next meal dependent on the availability of drinkable water.

      It's not like you're storing any more calories per unit volume with condensed soups, after all.  I'd rather take up the same amount of space with twice as many calories worth of chili or beef stew with veg.


      You are so evolved it boggles my fragile little mind. Now give me a 4, fucker. (Bill In Portland Maine, to Meteor Blades)

      by AlphaGeek on Tue Sep 20, 2005 at 02:51:51 PM PDT

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