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  •  or Vetrap or coflex (none)
    A similar product is sold for veterinary use as Vetrap, and its cheaper competitor, CoFlex. This is really great stuff - as useful as duct tape. It is stretchy, flexible, and sticks only to itself. It becomes stiff if you build up enough layers. Though it has obvious and important medical applications, it can also be used for a variety of random attachment duties. You can buy it for around $2 a roll from a vet supply store or from a place like Petsmart.
    •  Be aware of latex allergies (none)
      If anyone in your family is allergic to latex, Vetrap and Ace bandages both should be used with extreme caution.  If the allergy is mild, it may be enough to wrap gauze under the Vetrap to create a shield.  A seriously allergic person may have a life-threatening reaction even in this case.

      Latex gloves were also recommended upthread.  Vinyl gloves are readily available, almost the same price, and won't trigger a reaction in allergic persons; they might be a better choice in general.

    •  Another comment on latex sensitivity (none)
      People who are allergic to kiwi and mango are also often also allergic to latex (the plants are similar enough to trigger the same antibodies) but may not be aware of the latex sensitivity.  

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