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  •  Sniper Rifles (none)
    Marine sniper rifles are custom made by the Marine Marksmanship Unit for each individual graduate of the Marine Scout-Sniper School.  They take a Remington 700, break it down, and replace probably 50% to 65% of the components with precision machined components built in-house.  In many cases, they are remanufacturing rifles from inventory.  The result is the M40 sniper rifle.
    The Army uses a factory-custom Remington 700 with a length-adjustable stock, harris bipod, and and Bushnell 3-9x40 boresighted scope with custom reticle integrated at the factory.  This is the M24.  We have a LOT more sniper rifles than the Marines do, so custom work on every scope would be tremendously expensive.
    The M82A1 Sniper Rifle is a .50cal made by the Barrett Firearms Company.  It is being replaced by the M107 made by the same company, with a 2500m range.  The XM109 is an M107 with a shorter barrel and a range of 2000m, intended for light-infantry/airborne units.  The XM109 is currently undergoing test deployment in Afghanistan.

    The army is currently looking for a replacement for the M16/M4 family.  The two issues that are most important are the kinetic energy delivery (the thing you were talking about earlier with multiple shots on the target that isn't going down) and the full-gas operating system.  The M8 carbine system, produced by HK, addresses the second of these with an operating rod and piston assembly that doesn't re-introduce any propellant gasses back into the chamber, but it still fires the M856 ball ammo.  For this reason, its introduction has been held up.  It was supposed to start coming into service this year.  Barrett has an upper receiver for mounting to an M16/M4 lower that they call the M468 that fires the 6.8mm Remington Special Purpose Cartridge, but it uses the full gas system.  Personally, I'd like to see the M8 rechambered for the 6.8mm

    Wounded Warrior Project Give till it hurts. They already did.

    by soonergrunt on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 11:00:10 PM PDT

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