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    Where do you keep your kitchen knives?  Or poisonous substances?  

    If you have kids, you have to teach them not to get into certain items.  A gun is no worse than the kid downing a quart of Draino, or running around with a six inch chef's knife.  

    When the kids hit five-ish they get to go out with dad and shoot BB or pellet guns.  We make it a big deal, and they get a kick out of it.  As they get older, and if their intrest grows, we move on to .22s.  By making it fun and something we do together, it takes a lot of the "it's forbiden, so let's do it" out of the situation.  Also, they know there will be four kinds of hell to pay if they touch a gun without one of us present.  :)

    In addition to education, you'll need to store it safely.  

    I prefer a good safe, not a trigger lock.   Too many folks try and put a device on the trigger of a loaded weapon, that to me is a stupid thing to do.  I have not heard of Negligent Discharges while using a trigger lock, but it seems to me that there are better ways.

    You can get a decent security cabinet (metal) for under $100 at Walmart.  Womak or Hornak, something liek that.  They've got sizes for rifles and ones just for pistols.  Screw it into the wall studs in the closet for added security.  

    I also have a huge job site tool box with double locks that holds most of my rifles. It was $250 at United Rental, plus maybe $30 in lumber to make the racks inside.  It's not fire proof by any streach of the imagination, but it's fairly thief resistant.  

    I keep my guns locked up during the day.  The kids are not allowed into our room.  At night the shotgun comes out and is placed between the bed and the wall, on the opposite side from the door.  That way, when the kiddos run in scared by the boogie monster or lightning or whatnot, they don't see it, or trip over it, but, if it's needed, it's right there.  If you're only gonna use your firearm during a disaster, might as well just keep it locked up 24/7.

    But, if you're unwilling to keep a firearm or pepper spray in your house, you might try a basebat bat or golf club.  Or a nice pool cue, one that unscrews in the middle.  Or maybe a hatchet or axe, or just the axe handle.  I keep a hatchet in the toolbox in my truck, doubles as a hammer, too.  It's come in handy a few times.  Or a hammer.  Beats nothing.  

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