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  •  Why Hillary? (4.00)
    Not bashing, but I can't see a thing she offers anyone.

    All conservaties hate her and half of liberals also dislike her. She's Lieberman without the moderate reputation.

    Russ Feingold for President!

    by Basil on Tue Sep 20, 2005 at 10:54:43 AM PDT

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    •  Exactly! (none)

      Everybody talkin' 'bout Heaven ain't goin' there -- Mahalia Jackson

      by DaveW on Tue Sep 20, 2005 at 10:58:00 AM PDT

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    •  That is a really broad statement. (none)
      Got any hard cold facts to back that up?
    •  Yep, and the media would have us believe she (none)
      will win the nomination easily. All I have to say is that even if she is nominated, she'll go down just like Kerry. Maybe they'll call her the electable candidate when they nominate her, just so they feel better. And that worked very well the last time. Maybe Joementum (R-CT) will want another chance as VP.
    •  HRC is unelectable (none)
      due to sexism in general, the adultery baggage accumulated by Big Dog and her tendency to cast "stategic" (Iraq war) votes that pisses off the Left.

      This country, unfortunately, is still decades away from having a female or minority president and I believe it will have to be a Rethug that will break the ice.

      •  decades? (none)
        perhaps for a woman, but I think we will be talking about President Obama come 2016 or 2020.
      •  I thought that for years, but (none)
        There's no evidence that that will happen. It will take loosing both houses and the Whitehouse for at least three cycles before they give up the gender bias.

        (Orwell says it will happen eventually though)

        Why is an open free market of paramount importance, except when it comes to government contracts?

        by mungley on Tue Sep 20, 2005 at 11:21:58 AM PDT

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      •  See, one problem with Hillary is... (none)
        ...she didn't make it on her own.  She rode Bill's coattails to get where she's at (at least in part).

        I think a true "self-made woman", if you will, might be more acceptable.  Dunno.

        •  self-made (none)
          I think a true "self-made woman", if you will, might be more acceptable.

          That's what I want.  Hillary cannot win because she's a lightning rod for the rightwing hate machine and even a lot of moderate independents, whom we need on our side.

          More to the point, I'm sick and tired of our country turning into some freaking monarchy.  Even the Congress has plenty of children and relatives and spouses of other members - just like the British House of Lords.

      •  EXACTLY. (none)
        Unelectable. PERIOD. Let's move on.
    •  Maybe because the people you mention (none)
      are the extremes of our political spectrum. Someone in the middle is bound to outrage the far left and the far right (e.g. Bill), but that doesn't mean they can't win. Far from it.
    •  Only thing I see is that... (none)
      ...she excites women (both feminists and soccer moms (and feminist soccer moms)).

      Men hate her.

      She has one odd advantage in that the right can't "Swift Boat" her, because everybody on the planet has already heard it all for a decade-people know her negatives going in, no surprises.  Another advantage is that she does to the right what Bush does to the left-that is, cause them to scream insults and spit at her in an overboard fashion that turns some people in the middle off.

      All this being said, Feingold is a better person than she is and would make a better president, and is at least her equal in campaigning skill.

    •  Stubborness (none)
      I said in 2000 that I'd vote for her.

      Add the cult of personality.
      A new Democratic Dynasty.
      Add in Feminism.
      My mom liked her.

      I think that one of the reasons that Kos likes Clark is because he's ex-military.

      I'm a feminist and the son of life long feminists. She just makes sense for me.

      I hate her flip flopping and I hate her pro war jingoism, but I hope we can mitigate that in the next 2 years.  Maybe disband the DLC (ha ha ha).  The pro war stance is becoming ridiculous, so she can back away from that.  Lock her in a room with Barbara, Howard, Bill and Russ and make her come out talking sense.......

      Anyway, it's still summer in 2005. (for a few more hours) Whoever wins the primary in 2008 we should support whole heartedly and en masse. (or at least keep the dissent to private chats among ourselves)

      Why is an open free market of paramount importance, except when it comes to government contracts?

      by mungley on Tue Sep 20, 2005 at 11:32:35 AM PDT

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