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  •  I don't get Edward's authenticity on this subject (none)
    I feel like he's pandering to people who genuinely care about the poor.  But I just don't see his actual connection to poor.  His father was a manager in a mill.  I feel like his incessant reminder that his father worked in a mill is disingeneous.  He never mentions his father was a manager.  He was middle class growing up.  But that's not the impression he gives us.
    •  His daddy had to borrow money... (none) bring him home from the hospital, or something like that. He might not have been dirt poor, but he was as close to it as any serious candidate for 2008.

      But that's not even the point. The real issue is his EMPHASIS on poverty as a leader, before it became a big issue on the radar screen after Katrina. Edwards understood that GOP policies will only create more and more poor people, and probably more significantly from a political perspective, more middle class people who will fear becoming poor under the GOP. He, virtually alone, got out in front of an issue that will become much more politically significant.

      That says a lot about his intelligence and political savvy.

      If the Republicans stay in power much longer, An Army of One isn't going to be just a slogan.

      by MeanBoneII on Tue Sep 20, 2005 at 11:36:47 AM PDT

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      •  TELL IT (none)
        You are spot on...The guy has savvy to spare.
      •  And it's not just that (4.00)
        Edwards got out in front as someone who wants to talk about poverty, who thought it was an important issue before all of this happened. He'll pick up points for that.

        And it's going to resonate across the board, as well - one of the main points of his message was directed at those who are struggling middle class (or lower middle class) who are live paycheck to paycheck to survive and are one bad illness or layoff away from financial disaster.

        After Katrina, and after the country gets a taste of the bankruptcy bill's effects, Edwards is going to start looking real good to a lot of people who wrote him off after the election.

        There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right with America. -- Bill Clinton

        by girlfromsouth on Tue Sep 20, 2005 at 11:47:56 AM PDT

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    •  His father (none)
      had to borrow fifty bucks to take him home from the hospital after he was born.

      John Edwards was the first of his family to go to college.

      If they were middle class, it was lower middle class.

    •  Nobody in his family had been to college (none)
      and his dad had to borrow $50 bucks to get him out of the hospital. He didn't grow up poor, but he didn't grow up priveliged like Kerry, Gore, and Bush did. You'd expect those 3 to be running for president, but not Edwards. From his position, it was incredible that he ended up at college instead of working in the mill like generations before him probably did. Then to go to law school after that. And then become one of the best lawyers in the nation. That's a huge leap. And then...he defeated a senator hand-picked by Jesse Helms in North Carolina. The guy has come a long way, and unlike a lot of people (Clarence Thomas), he doesn't want to pull the ladder up after him. He genuinely cares about helping people and lifting them out of poverty.
    •  I agree - just don't feel it (none)
      I don't get the visceral grit and pathos of it from Edwards, just don't.  

      He's smart, likable enough (in a stagey, sort of way - maybe it works on juries), policies decent, but he seems hyper-real to me.  If he convinces the millions and they elect him, bully for the dems, it's all good.

      His poverty bonafides may be real as can be, but perception is reality and I don't feel it.  

      •  That's o.k. (none)
        You may not feel it now, but if/when he kicks it into high gear, you will. I'd bet on it! John Edwards is magic.
        •  Seigfried and Roy Magic? (none)
          How long does one generally take to reach high gear?

          (looks at watch)

          I'm with Sam above.  That "magic" we hear so much about has forever eluded me with Edwards.  Nice enough.  But magic? Unless we have slipped so deep into the charisma abyss that the bar had been lowered beyond recognition.

          I saw ONE speech that was ... well, "sparkly" I guess you might call it.  Had some brightness...Not magical though.


      •  So you live by your feelings??? (none)
        You're doomed then.

        "Make the truth your litmus test."

        by independentchristian on Tue Sep 20, 2005 at 11:58:10 AM PDT

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        •  feeling doomed (none)
          Some here have said that part of Edwards' appeal is his expression of the two americas deal and the problem of poverty from the gut, that his appeal is itself based on his connection to people.  I'm saying I don't 'feel' that connection.  He's okay and all, but this great visceral appeal of Edwards doesn't work for me.  

          Part of my calculus of who I support is of course that others might also not 'feel' it -- "feelings", for good or bad, are how much of the electorate get their consumer/voting fix on.

          He's a good guy, but I support others more strongly for reasons along the spectrum of logic/feelings/tactics, etc.

          Having said that, I'm probably doomed for some other reasons anyway, so I won't argue your basic conclusion.

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