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  •  I thought Wesley Clark came off during the primary (none)
    about as sane as "Crazy" Joe Clark, the bat-wielding principal. But at least Crazy Joe was consistent from one day to the next, and at least he had some record by which we knew what to expect.

    People like (Wesley) Clark because (a) he's a General; and (b) because he wasn't afraid to say he was liberal.

    I say (a) are you ready for Swift Boat Redux? (Clark got fired, people); and (b) he's wishy-washy, and during the debates looked less like a General and more like Admiral Stockdale. Notwithstanding military issues, he understands most issues as well as John Edwards knew Middle East politics. (I have been informed by an Edwards supporter that he is quite fluent in that subject now.)

    Clark is a bad choice. I can't believe how much popularity he has here. Maybe as a VP I can see it, but not as the #1 name on the ticket. No way.

    Edwards & Bayh, inter alia, are much more viable. I'm not a huge Hillary fan but I prefer her to Clark, too. He gave a great first impression but was extremely unimpressive once I got interested in him.

    "I voted for Bush in 2000," said Kutcher. "Boy, did I get punk'd."

    by samlang on Tue Sep 20, 2005 at 11:33:46 AM PDT

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