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  •  And Missouri (4.00)
    I think he could take Missouri. Southern Missouri has a high percentage of rural voters who live in poverty.  The Republican Regime of Matt Blunt has kicked those people off medicaid.  The state has swung 20 points away from Blunt.  In Missouri, City folk in StL and KC vote Dem, UberSuburbs, Bible-belt Springfield and outstate (rural) vote Republican.  

    Now that Southern Missouri has a high percentage of discontented folks - the state is in play. Edwards is the only guy who sounds like the people who live in Southern Missouri.  They would like him best.

    I think, after Katrina, Dems could pick up Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida.  Ohio might swing left too because of scandals.

    Edwards, Clark or Gore could all win.  

    Gore looks good now because he was part of the golden Clinton years, he wrote about Katrina 13 years before it happened!

    And, on a personal level, I would like to see American's put him in office as a gesture of reputiation of the Bush years.

    I want Bush to live with the humiliation of being reckognized as the worst President in the history of the nation and the discrediting of neoconservativism.  I wont him to go down as a laughing stock in world opinion.  Then when he does go down, I hope he burns in the hell he tried to create for us on earth.

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