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  •  Whatever (none)
    I am going to vote for who I like, not play a guessing game about who other people might like.

    We thought we learned a lesson about picking the 'electable' candidate in 2004.  Instead what we apparently learned is, you should pick the most electable candidate, just do a better job of guessing who is electable.

    When an undecided voter asks me "Why should I vote for Candidate X," I would like to have a better answer than "Gee, I picked him because I thought you would like him."

    We are the party activists.  We need a candidate who excites US because we are the ones in charge of getting the message out.  If Al Gore isn't that guy for you, I have no problem with you voting for the candidate of your choice, but rest assured that many people find him plenty inspiring.

    •  look (none)
      i respect Al Gore's track record, I just don't think he can WIN.

      Principles are huge but unless we are prepared to keep losing to the right we need to do better.

      I am getting a lot of disagreement on this front but I seriously think we can do better.

    •  maybe it's semantics (none)
      however I think there is an obvious disconnect between who is the most consistent high-porfile liberal in America today and who is the Democratic candidate most likely to actually win a presidential election.

      That is the problem, ideals versus reality.

      Unfortuantely the ideal candidate usually isn't the most prominent candidate.

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