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  •  re Clark - please help the rest of us (none)
    who don't get it understand: what exactly is his solution/policy on Iraq?  From August I read that we should add a "diplomatic track" - exactly what Kerry said, and it's what Bush claims he's doing with wizards like Condi.  Beyond that:
    On the military side, the vast effort underway to train an army must be matched by efforts to train police and local justices. Canada, France and Germany should be engaged to assist.

    A better effort must be made to control jihadist infiltration into the country by a combination of outposts, patrols and reaction forces reinforced by high technology. Over time U.S. forces should be pulled back into reserve roles and phased out.

    The growing chorus of voices demanding a pullout should seriously alarm the Bush administration... If the administration won't adopt a winning strategy, then the American people will be justified in demanding that it bring our troops home.

    In other words, the usual b.s. - "training" and fantasizing about recruiting others into the quagmire, fighting harder, technology.  He doesn't seeem to rule out adding more US troops.  Aside from the general's bars, what's new that we're missing here?

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