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  •  I am a Wes Clark Supporter, and have been (none)
    from Day #1. That having been said, I am prepared to agree with you about two out of the three you have nixed in your excellent post. To say I am not a Kerry supporter would qualify for the understatemnt of the year. As a Kerry constituent, I am here to tell you that he lost me when he started his '04 run, and started voting with corporate interests when he did even bother to show up and vote at all. Once it became obvious he was willing to cynically put the welfare of me, my family, and the rest of the citizens of MA behind that of his political viability, he lost me forever -- and I had been an avid supporter since his days in VAW. I am not the only one who feels this way in this state, so no matter if he runs for POTUS again, or for the Senate here in MA, he is going to find that people are a lot less "open" to voting for him. I don't care what the polls are saying, but the prevailing feeling about him here is not good. Hillary is another no-go for me. Her DLC membership, alone, is enough to scotch the deal. But, the fact that she is the spouse of a former POTUS, I believe, gives her something that has been traditionally withheld from all presidential candidates before: the endorsement of a former President. (He will not have to "say" it, it will be implied. But, he is vocal in his praise for her, and that, too, is unseemly in its weight.) Also, as "First Spouse" Hillary and Bill will be offering themselves as the perverial "twofer" he always said they were. Undue influence. It is an unfair advantage. I don't know if it should disqualify her. That is for the voters to decide. But, once again, her leadership in the DLC makes her an absolute no-go for me. Al Gore, however, seems to have had a sort of political epiphany. He has found a voice not many of us knew he had. I applaud his outspokenness, his frankness, and his willing to be combative against the administration (a reason I support Wes so strongly, btw). I don't think he can, any longer, be lumped in with these other two. Just my opinion. TC

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