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  •  And a link (none)
    Not that the WSJ is right on much, but they do understand Max:

    The Montana Democrat is a case study in legislative weakness. More than ideology or seniority, effective legislators, whether a liberal Democrat like Sen. Ted Kennedy or a conservative Republican like Rep. Bill Thomas, are knowledgeable, resourceful, tough and politically calculating; they know when to hold, and when to compromise.

    In more than 30 years as an elected legislator -- 25 in the Senate -- these are skills Max Baucus never acquired. He's always looking over his shoulder politically, usually willing to accommodate and often more interested in a result than the result.

    Yep, that's Max all right.

    I am the federal government.

    by mateosf on Tue Sep 20, 2005 at 07:01:52 PM PDT

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    •  That's what my Dad said when he met him (none)
      Yes, my Dad, a health economist, met Sen. Baucus, or saw him live once.  He did not come away impressed, and said that he was smarter than Sen. Baucus.

      My Dad also was interviewed by Tom Dashcle about health care, and left very impressed with his knowledge and analytical skills.

      It's sad to know that mediocre public servants like Max Baucus are still in the Senate while high quality public servants like Tom Daschle are out of the Senate.

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